Developments In Medical Tourism And Different Demands From Patients Have Caused Turkey To Serve In Many Branches In Healthcare. One Of These Branches Is Dental Care. Dental Tourism Around The World Has Been Accelerated With The Help Of Qualified Professionals, Technology And Quality Material Used And Finally The Financial Advantages.

Turkey is a favorite medical destination around the world and every year, the number of medical tourists arriving is significantly increasing as well as the number of medical facilities designed for medical tourism.

Turkey has been receiving patients from all over the world especially England, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, and Arabian countries for especially implant treatment and cosmetic dentistry. Turkey’s dental services provide global quality standards with more affordable prices. Dental Tourism in Turkey.

When it comes to oral and dental health, Megadentist knows no limits!

Here are the special service steps for our overseas patients

  • Our oral and dental health specialists listen carefully to the patient who contacts our clinic and request x-rays depending on the situation.
  • Our specialists examine the x-ray, a treatment plan suitable for the patient’s condition is established and the average cost of this treatment is determined. The treatment plan and the average cost are shared with the patient with the help of a translator. 
  • If the patient decides to benefit from our offer, support is provided on the most suitable flights, ticket reservations and accommodation alternatives.
  • The patient’s airport and hotel transfers are planned. The patient arriving in Istanbul is collected from the airport and settled into his hotel.
  • A clinical appointment is established for the patient. On the appointment day, the patient is collected from the hotel, brought to the clinic and examined. Subsequently, the appropriate treatment plan is determined and treatment is started without delay.
  • The patient is offered sightseeing tour options during the treatment process. If the patient wishes, he can participate in these tours and discover the unique beauties and history of Istanbul.
  • After the treatment is completed, the patient is accompanied to the airport and seen off to his country.

Health at every step, convenience at every step with Megadentist!



Our patients traveling from abroad prefer our beautiful country, where they can perform their dental treatments in economical, well-equipped, and much better conditions due to the changing health policies in the countries they live in and the difficult financial conditions.

As Megadentist, we are happy to send our patients off to their countries with their satisfied and smiling faces, with the privileges we have prepared specially for our overseas patients who prefer us.



• Within the scope of health tourism, we are by our abroad patients’ side, who prefer us for their oral and dental health treatments, from the moment they contact us until they complete their treatment.

• We guide them on how to buy plane tickets, which route would be more convenient, and which airline is the most reasonable airline that they can choose.

• As soon as they step into our country, we welcome them with our staff who speak their own language.

• We accompany them with a VIP transfer vehicle from the airport to their hotels.



• We ensure that they settle into the 5-star hotel they will be staying in without any problems.

• Thanks to our distinctive staff who speak our guests’ own language and have command of English, we let our patients communicate in their own language throughout their entire treatment.

• We drop them off at the airport after their treatment is over.

• We continue our communication with our international patients, whom we send off to their countries, after the treatment.

• While providing oral and dental health treatments, we also provide a service where they can experience Istanbul, the world capital of culture.