For an aesthetic smile, İt is not enough to have perfect teeth. For this reason, gums are as important as teeth. Therefore, aesthetic procedures performed on gums are also called pink aesthetics. The aim here is to eliminate asymmetrical disorders. In other words, the procedures applied for the problems in gums (bleeding gums, inflammation, gingival recession, purple colors, etc.) are called pink aesthetics. The aim of the treatment is to ensure a harmony between teeth and gums. 

If there is gum sagging towards the top of teeth, they can be shortened, or if there are gums away from teeth, they can also be given an aesthetic appearance.

If any gingival diseases are detected during pink aesthetics, an expert dentist in the field should first treat it. You can detect health status of gums by examining their color. A good and healthy gum is smooth, shiny and pink in color. After necessary procedures, gums take their own color.

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