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Implant dental

quality and affordable implant treatment


Assurance of a specialist physician in orthodontic treatment

Teeth Whitening

Have a perfect smile to repletion

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a favorite medical destination around the world and every year, the number of medical tourists arriving is significantly increasing as well as the number of medical facilities designed for medical tourism.

Domestic and imported Implant options

Istanbul has been receiving patients from all over the world especially England, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, and Arabian countries for especially implant treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

Full Service

We welcome our patients from all over the world with complete comfort, providing transfer, accommodation and all necessary medications.


Smile design, customized ideal smiles

Endodontic root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in a few sessions

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

All surgical treatments in mouth, teeth and jaw diseases.


Pediatric Dentistry requires a very special interest and ability.

Prosthetic dental teatment

Porcelain, laminated, zirconium, veneer kuron and empress veneer kuron prosthetic treatments.


Get rid of your broken, cracked and disfigured teeth


the way to perfect smile is gingiva

Oral diagnosis

correct diagnosis of all problems inside and outside the mouth.

Customer satisfaction survey

To make customer satisfaction permanent, whether customer requirements are met, and the changing expectations of the customer are measured and evaluated, and all our team is announced, improvement activities are carried out by taking the slightest dissatisfaction with the health service offered seriously. Any feedback from our customers is perceived by us as a gift. With our experience and customer-focused services, we use all the resources we have to turn this feedback into “customer satisfaction” .

Customer satisfaction and Recommendation Form

Why Megadentist?

Health First, Human First

Our hospital prioritizes the human approach by achieving excellence with the best quality service without compromising physician ethics.

Innovative Technology

In all our operations, state-of-the-art equipment is used and maintained to the highest standards.

Modern Approach

Diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases are best achieved by using all the possibilities of modern dentistry

Specialist Physicians

With more than ten years of dental and implant treatment experience, we are experts in all areas of Dentistry.

Over 10 years
More than 30,000 registered sick
More than 3,000 successful implant operations