Restorative Dentistry What is it?

This operation aims to restore the aesthetic structure of teeth that display shape defects and deformity, especially in color.

Good to know

• Restorative treatment provides the detection of broken and cracked teeth and the provision of their functions.

• Evaluates existing fillings, redoes or repairs if necessary.

• With this treatment, all kinds of aesthetic dentistry applications are performed by preserving the existing dental tissues.


Filling Treatment

After cleaning cariosity, the cavity formed as a result of the process (cavity) is filled with artificial cementer.

Causes Of Cariosity

  • Bacterial plaque
  • Carbohydrate foods (sugar, flour, etc.)
  • Structural factors (structure of a tooth, the composition of saliva, etc.)
  • Time (duration of food’s stay in the mouth)

Bacterial plaque formed by bacteria in the mouth can form acid with the remains of sugary and floury foods. These acids redissolve the mineral tissue of the tooth and disrupt the enamel of the tooth, causing the formation of cavities called cavities on the tooth.


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What is a restorative filling?

Restorative filling is the filling of the gap (cavity) formed as a result of the negative consequences of caries with an artificial filling material after the dental caries is cleaned. 

What is a composite filling?


Composite filling is the filling used to remedy tooth structure disorders caused by problems such as decay, cracks or fractures. These deteriorations in the tooth structure are repaired with composite filling. Thus, a healthier and more aesthetic appearance is obtained. 

How long does restorative dental treatment take?


The duration of restorative dental treatment varies depending on many different factors such as the patient, the structure of the tooth, the level of caries and the procedure to be applied. 

Who is suitable for restorative dentistry?

Restorative dental treatment is suitable for patients of all ages. However, in patient groups under the age of 14, it is absolutely necessary to act in cooperation with a pedodontist.

What should I pay attention to after restorative dentistry?

Your dentist will share with you what you should pay attention to after restorative dental treatment. The sensitivity that occurs in a tooth after filling varies according to the depth of the caries. If you experience prolonged sensitivity, you should definitely inform your dentist. 

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