Pedodontics What is it?

Pedodontics, also known as Pediatric Dentistry, is a branch of science that aims to protect the health of the primary and permanent teeth of children aged 0 to 12 and to treat the diseases that occur.

Good to know

• Pedodontics covers pediatric dental treatments, which are excluded by orthodontics.

• It deals with preventive applications from caries, restorative and root canal treatments of caries in primary and permanent teeth, restorative and prosthetic treatments in teeth with developmental anomalies in children, methods to prevent periodontal diseases and preventive orthodontic applications.

Pedodontics, also spelled paedodontics, dental specialty that deals with the care of children’s teeth. The pedodontist is extensively concerned with prevention, which includes instruction in proper diet, use of fluoride, and practice of oral hygiene.

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