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    Implant is a treatment method applied by surgeon dentists in order to complete tooth deficiencies and to produce solutions closest to natural teeth. In the century we live in, implant-containing methods have become one of the most applied treatment methods, both because the chewing feeling is the closest to the natural one and because it provides the opportunity for treatment without interfering with other teeth.

    Full mouth implant treatment

    In case of total edentulism or when all teeth need to be extracted for certain reasons, the name given to implant and over-implant prosthesis applications is full mouth implant treatment. In case of total edentulism, the need for almost all patients is to have fixed prostheses.


    Implant in 1 day

    This implant treatment is a solution for patients who do not want to wait for months. In this way, patients do not have to wait without teeth.


    All on four

    All on four treatment is a fast and effective treatment method applied to avoid having to perform advanced surgery due to sinus lift, bone elimination and bone deficiency in patients who have no teeth or are likely to be completely edentulous in the near future.

    It is a technique in which a fixed full chin prosthetic restoration is performed on 4-6 implants in the same day. Patient satisfaction is achieved by taking into account function, aesthetics, taste, speech and self-confidence.


    Implant - Happy People


    How long does it take to fit a tooth implant?

    The process takes between 30-60 minutes on average, depending on the placement area and the number of implants.

    What can I eat after being fitted with a tooth implant?

    Your dentist will recommend that you consume soft food for a few days after the implant.

    How long is the total treatment time with the placement of the implant, the recovery and making the prosthesis?


    The whole process can vary between 3-9 months depending on the treatment plan.

    What is my role in dental implant care?

    Brushing and flossing cover home treatments, but you must also visit the dentist regularly.

    How long do implant teeth last?

    If used and cared for properly, your implants will serve you for more than 40 years. Megadentist offers a lifetime replacement guarantee for your implant teeth.

    What happens if the implant tooth fails to fuse with the bone?


    The implant is removed from and the area is left to heal. After sufficient time, if the existing bone is suitable, another implant is placed in the area.

    Are implant teeth covered by insurance?

    Like most procedures, dental implants are not covered by insurance. Our dentists offer convenient and advantageous payment options for you.


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    Our patients traveling from abroad prefer our beautiful country, where they can perform their dental treatments in economical, well-equipped, and much better conditions due to the changing health policies in the countries they live in and the difficult financial conditions.

    As Megadentist, we are happy to send our patients off to their countries with their satisfied and smiling faces, with the privileges we have prepared specially for our overseas patients who prefer us.


    • Within the scope of health tourism, we are by our abroad patients’ side, who prefer us for their oral and dental health treatments, from the moment they contact us until they complete their treatment.

    • We guide them on how to buy plane tickets, which route would be more convenient, and which airline is the most reasonable airline that they can choose.

    • As soon as they step into our country, we welcome them with our staff who speak their own language.

    • We accompany them with a VIP transfer vehicle from the airport to their hotels.


    • We ensure that they settle into the 5-star hotel they will be staying in without any problems.

    • Thanks to our distinctive staff who speak our guests’ own language and have command of English, we let our patients communicate in their own language throughout their entire treatment.

    • We drop them off at the airport after their treatment is over.

    • We continue our communication with our international patients, whom we send off to their countries, after the treatment.

    • While providing oral and dental health treatments, we also provide a service where they can experience Istanbul, the world capital of culture.