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Implant is a treatment method applied by surgeon dentists in order to complete tooth deficiencies and to produce solutions closest to natural teeth. In the century we live in, implant-containing methods have become one of the most applied treatment methods, both because the chewing feeling is the closest to the natural one and because it provides the opportunity for treatment without interfering with other teeth.

Dental Implant What is it?

Implantation is one of the most popular and complex procedures in modern dentistry. The complexity of such manipulations involves an individual approach, the presence of various skills at the doctor, as well as work with expensive and rare materials. Far from every dentist can create and install implants, so finding a master can be quite difficult. It is implantology that allows to solve the problems of the absence of teeth and complexes associated with this.

An implant is an artificial titanium root that is screwed into the bone at the site of the missing tooth. Titanium has a phenomenal ability to engraft in bone tissue, thanks to which it is widely used in prosthetics.


Good to know

• It is an application that must be applied exclusively by surgeon dentists.

• Since the application is executed into the bone, it is mandatory to work in a completely sterile environment.


Implant - Happy People

How long does it take to fit a tooth implant?

The process takes between 30-60 minutes on average, depending on the placement area and the number of implants.

What can I eat after being fitted with a tooth implant?

Your dentist will recommend that you consume soft food for a few days after the implant.

How long is the total treatment time with the placement of the implant, the recovery and making the prosthesis?


The whole process can vary between 3-9 months depending on the treatment plan.

What is my role in dental implant care?

Brushing and flossing cover home treatments, but you must also visit the dentist regularly.

How long do implant teeth last?

If used and cared for properly, your implants will serve you for more than 40 years. Megadentist offers a lifetime replacement guarantee for your implant teeth.

What happens if the implant tooth fails to fuse with the bone?


The implant is removed from and the area is left to heal. After sufficient time, if the existing bone is suitable, another implant is placed in the area.

Are implant teeth covered by insurance?

Like most procedures, dental implants are not covered by insurance. Our dentists offer convenient and advantageous payment options for you.

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