It is the name given to the apparatus used to eliminate the sequence disorders in the teeth. It is a treatment with a very high success rate. It is a treatment method that allows you to get the tooth structure and smile you want. After diagnosis, a virtual treatment plan is prepared for your teeth in a computer environment. In a computer environment, you can see how the treatment has progressed from start to finish and how it will eventually take shape.

Braces prices

When determining prices, the total duration of treatment, the amount of perplexity in the teeth, the type and quality of the material used, the age of the patient, the Doctor Who will perform the treatment are based on factors. For 2018 Price Information, you can contact us on the Contact page.

What Are The Types Of Braces

  • Ceramic braces

    These are of high quality. The plastic structure does not harm the teeth. The cost is higher. Ceramic brackets are made of semi-finished materials. It is preferred by adult patients due to its cosmetic appearance. It is difficult to see on the teeth unless you focus too close to the patient.

  • Aesthetic braces

    It is a treatment method made according to the wishes of people who have aesthetic concerns. No plastic, ceramic, sapphire, or polycarbonate, and no stains. It has a metal spring.

  • Bracket braces:

    It is the preferred model for reducing friction..

  • Lingual brackets:

    Also called internal braces. They are invisible because they are placed on the back of the teeth.

  • Transparent braces

    Unlike Normal brackets, it is not obvious in the mouth, so it is also the most preferred type of treatment. Its price is slightly more expensive than other treatments.

  • Metal braces:

    They are made of stainless steel. Today’s metal brackets are smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive. It is the most common and most used model. Because it is Metal, it is visible from the outside. It’s very unlikely to break. It is the model recommended by orthodontists because it is robust, durable and the fastest treatment time compared to other varieties.

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