It is a solution between stopping and veneer. If there is not enough tooth structure to support stopping, but the tooth is not damaged enough to be veneered, inlay or onlay is used. Onley is used in larger areas than Inley.

Its lifespan depends on the material used, the condition of the tooth it is used in, the chewing force and how much attention the patient pays to oral health. It usually has a lifetime of more than 10 years.

Inlay and Onlay stopping is made of ceramic or fiber reinforced composite.

Advantages of Inley and Onley Stopping

  • They are aesthetic.
  • They are long lasting.
  • They protect the remaining healthy tooth tissue.
  • The risk of edge leakage and new caries formation is very low.
  • They are very resistant to strain during chewing.
  • The treatment life is longer than composite stopping.
  • There is no wear or breakage due to years and use.
  • Since porcelain surfaces are polished, food residues do not stick. Bacterial plaque retention is low.
  • Since the stopping material is porcelain, hot-cold sensitivity does not occur and decay does not occur again, as in composite stopping applications.

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